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Wednesday 25 March 2009

The Secret Pond, by Susie Mallett

Awesome foursome, March 14th 2009

My special memories and food for my soul

I do not usually feel the need to explain why I have used particular pictures on my blog. They are rarely directly to the subject matter related unless I have drawn something or taken a photo especially for a posting. They are, however, always related to something in my life and they have lots of memories attached to them. I remember exactly the moment when I painted or took all of them, even those drawings in my first school books.

In March I made yet another unexpected trip home to my amazing Dad, to attend my Auntie’s funeral with him and to be with my family.

A favourite place

I took the froggy picture that headed my last posting in a very old graveyard that is, second to home itself, my favourite place in Norwich. In the corner of this graveyard, which is very old and very grey on winter days, is a "secret" pond, hidden behind old trees and bushes, which my Dad once, several years ago now, showed to me and my sister.

On March 14th, almost two weeks ago now, I spent a few special moments with my sister enjoying our "secret" spot. The water was crawling with activity, creatures of all sorts going about what seemed to me their very busy and jolly life. It made us smile and brought us hope on yet another sad family occasion.

I took many photos at the pond that day and my sister and I thought that they turned out really well. We took them to show my Dad later. They brought a smile to his face too. Ponds, and in particular frogs, are enjoyed by our whole family. The three ponds in my Mum's own rather special garden, and the creatures living in them, were a constant joy to her and of course,still are to my Dad, my sister and me.

Three or four...

As for the title that I gave to my froggy picture, there is nothing more to understand except that there were three frogs, although I now suspect there are four of them. On the photo above, taken from a different angle from the one on my previous posting, I think that I can detect a seventh eye and perhaps another leg.

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