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Tuesday 1 July 2008

The Wedding

May 31st 2008, Adam and Lisa with grandparents

I returned to England’s green and pleasant land, after an absence of more than six months with great anticipation and joy. At last the flat in Germany had been cleared out, work was over and for more than two weeks I could return to the heart of my family just three days before my nephew's wedding. I had time to join in some of the last-minute preparations and also to prepare myself for the role I had to play there, reading some texts that the bride and groom had chosen for their special day.

It was also the start of some very lovely days with my Mum.

As I flew into Stansted Airport the longed for sight of green pastures was denied me. Instead a greyness which remained for days eventually gave way to tarmac and a big bump.
I had been accompanied on the journey to Norwich by someone I met at Nurnberg airport, an Englishman , born in Norwich, living just a few hundred metres from my new flat in Nurnberg!
The bus journey took us through some very typical English landscape and past the gallops in Newmarket where the traditional sight of the racehorses exercising brought tears to my eyes. I was home, soon to be in the arms of my awaiting family.

The wedding was wonderful, the sun even shone for this one day out of fourteen. I did my bit at the ceremony and then we partied the night away, there were lots of very happy people. Even my Mum, who was feeling very poorly, came along and partied into the evening, making the day for us all even more special.



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