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Sunday 29 June 2008

Back with a backlog

Memories, 1963, Gt Yarmouth Funfair: painting the town red without any paint!
That's me with the dodo on my M and S anorak sleeve. We were painting the town red as the two girls on the right of the rows were leaving Norwich to move to Sutton Coldfield. I asked where is the paint? Family joke ever since.

I expect it will take quite a while still for me to be back to being a regular blogger but I am on the way.

My flight is booked to return " home" having been in the other homeland much longer than I anticipated and with any luck I will be on that plane this time, winging my way back to the other reality.

My first step when back in Germany is to move into the new flat and get back online again as soon as possible then I can start posting in earnest between unpacking the boxes and of course working again.

I have notebooks full of blogs, half blogs and ideas written on trains, boats and planes in the past 2 months, I will slowly unravel them and get them typed up.
Step two will be trying to fill up the work calendar for the next 6 months, any suggestions greatly received.

It is nice to see that despite the long break there are still spots appearing on my map... thank you for the unwitting moral support from afar.
Coming to this screen soon... "A move, a wedding and 2 funerals" .

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