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Sunday 27 July 2008

A walk in the woods with the Wunderschöne Engländerin

1." Planning breakfast"
2. "Photography lesson"
3 ."Inventing new games"
4. "One step at a time"
5." Smile please"
6."Taking a break"

CE in the woods with tea and toast

Is this Counductive Education?

Of course it is, as it is life.

My client this week is a young boy of eleven who calls me his Wunderschöne Engländerin, du bist eine tolle Frau! (my lovely English woman, you are a great lady!). Such lovely complements every day, with the accompanying hugs, bring tears to my eyes, how nice it to do such interesting work every day with such lovely people.

Above are photographs we took of each other whilst at work, when we were walking in the woods, sitting on a bench, doing a hand programme with fir cones, acorns and a camera, we even did a lying programme on the narrow bench and when it rained we got around to working indoors on a plinth!

I have been taking this opportunity to use spontaneity and adaptability to the full, using the good weather and the fact that I have a group of one to create new, interesting situations for the child to work in.

The child I am working with likes to stick to his routine and it is good to use the security he feels in the Conductive Education setting to bring a bit more flexibility into his life, so he can learn to use the new situation in a positive way. He can enjoy the fact that there are no other playmates at the moment by being giving the chance to do something different.

Sometimes when working with a group we will take the mats outside and work in the shade of the trees, sometimes the sitting programme takes place with our feet in the paddling pool, sometimes we walk in the shady woods.

Individual Conduction Education sessions, I love them. I know that Conductive Education is group work, but this isn’t always possible and I just love it when through unforeseen circumstances I have a group of one! We, the child and I, can be even more spontaneous and creative than usual and the child always comes up with brilliant ideas.

This time it is the walk in the woods with the “English breakfast”.

We are planning the breakfast for next week if the weather holds out. My young client listed all the things that he had learnt at school which contribute to an English breakfast: tea and coffee, butter and toast, and jam all on the menu. Fortunately he didn’t mention eggs and bacon as we wouldn’t have managed that in the woods where BBQ’s are not allowed!

The breakfast words are the new English vocabulary from school and we are going to put the school vocab. test into action. I am sure these are words he will never forget.

Watch this spot for the photographs.

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