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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Insider knowledge

‘When the ‘you’ you have known all your life is no longer quite the same’

I would like to thank Gill Maguire for providing me with a wonderful read and a new addition to my personal library.

I have one more book for the shelf marked Personal experience memoirs

Written by actress Jane Lapotaire Time Out of Mind, If I am not myself then who am I is an account of her own life after she survived a cerebral haemorrhage and subsequent brain surgery, and a record of the long path back to an active life, a very different life to the life that she had been used to.

I unexpectedly had a few hours free so I sat in a café and finished the book almost in one go with two huge coffees and a sandwich.

When I read memoirs of this kind I learn much more about the hidden symptoms of neurological disorders than I discover by reading something written by the so-called experts and this book is no exception. 

Insider knowledge – that is what I like to call it

This insider knowledge is invaluable to me in developing my understanding of the problems many of my clients face in establishing a new life after surviving injury to their brains.

We are so lucky that so many people wish to share their experiences with the hope that they will by doing so not only help themselves but also other people, and their families, who are recovering from trauma. Of course this literature also helps people like me, those offering assistance to clients developing new and active lifestyles.

My client Waltraud Heußinger has also contributed to this wealth of insider-knowledge literature with her book – It came as a bolt from the blue.

Time Out of Mind – Jane Lapotaire, 2003, Virago Press

It came like a bolt from the blue – Waltraud Heußinger, 2011, Conductor, Nürnberg

‘When the ‘you’ you have known all your life is no longer quite the same’ – taken from the back cover of Time Out of Mind

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Gillian Maguire said...

I have wanted to read this for quite some time and you have now given me the final push to do so.
Thank you!