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Wednesday 3 July 2013

Agility distance handling



Since my brother-in-law took early retirement he has become a very experienced agility handler with his two lurcher dogs.

I remember when he took me with him several years ago to a practice session where I watched a teenager with cerebral palsy distance-handling his own dog on the agility course and doing really well.

Yesterday I received this YouTube link with no accompanying comment from my sister –

Thank you Sis!

I have several clients who long to take part in sport activities and hobbies within mainstream life. This seems to me to be one hobby that could be very suited, also to wheelchair users. I wonder whether there are more people with disability active in agility distance handling. 

If I lived nearer my brother-in-law I would certainly make use of his expertise and I would encourage people with disability with an interest in dogs to get involved. It really is a lot of fun as far as I can tell especially when I hear the stories from my sister’s family.

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