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Sunday 21 July 2013

Singing while we work

Watching the sun go down after work


We do it a lot of singing with the little children and I also do it a lot with the adults, but with the teenagers it often gets neglected, I have to remedy that!

A cheering Sunday afternoon read from Suffolk –

‘A Suffolk teenager is setting up her own choir to show how music can be a form of therapy for people with disabilities like herself.
Courtney, from Mildenhall, said: "I have cerebral palsy, which means that my speech is slurred and my movement uncoordinated. Ever since I was a little girl I realised that I was not the same as my friends. But I have never let my disability hold me back."
She describes herself as "extremely active" and enjoys dance, art, and wheelchair basketball, but her main love is singing.
The 16-year-old believes singing helps with speech, co-ordination and confidence and wants to show that "with or without a disability, you can still enjoy life".’

The choir is being financially supported by a British charity called Fixers –

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