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Monday 21 October 2013

WCCE8 2013, Impressions III

One of the painting competition entries at WCCE8, 2013

The family full of hope from Israel

I was impressed at the 7th World Congress in Hong Kong by the group who had travelled from Tsad Kadima in Israel, and I was impressed once more at WCCE8 in Munich.

In Hong Kong I heard three of the group speak.

This year in Munich I had written all their names in my proposed programme, the programme that I wrote for myself a week before the Congress started. Having first written in my own presentations and workshops, and then those of my colleagues, there was still space for a few more and some of those spots were filled by Tsad Kadima.

The overlap with my own commitments prevented me from catching all of the Israeli team, but because there were delays in some rooms I could rush to catch the end of at least one that I had feared I would miss entirely.

Why was I so keen to hear them?

Hope, that’s why, and unity. Both of these together give strength and a will to move onwards and upwards.


In Hong Kong it was more than just the presentations, which included research projects and studies, that had impressed me. It was the unity that this group showed when they all sat together in the front row of the hall, or as near to the front as they could get, when one of their group presented or when they listened to someone they were all keen to hear.

They all listened together. It was possible to see them listening together!

This meant that they had something to discuss together afterwards.

When one of their colleagues spoke there they were, at the front, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and it looked as if they were beaming their positive thoughts up on to the stage.

They were there together and it was so obvious that together they were strong.

Know Hope

Rony Schenker had a difficult job to do with her keynote presentation following on directly after Melanie Brown, who got a well-deserved standing ovation.

Rony had nothing to fear and she also gave a wonderful keynote speech titled ‘Know hope’.

I believe that hope is the foundation stone on which Tsad Kadima stands, that it is from here that the spirit of their work has grown.

I took the opportunity afterwards to speak to Rony. I wanted to tell her how the unity, the togetherness, the hope, that something special that I observed, or perhaps felt, radiating from the group of people from Tsad Kadima, is something that I aspire to achieve with colleagues.

Rony told me that it is to these attributes that the continuing development of their conductive centre depends. It is how they survive.

I wanted to tell her that the hope that they have given me while I have listened and observed, and that sharing some of that spirit that they bring with them to the congresses, are very valuable things that I had taken away and treasured from Hong Kong and now also from Munich, where I was lucky to get an even bigger dose.

I am not sure that I expressed myself clearly in Munich so I have tried again to express myself here. It is difficult but I hope that you understand.

Thank you for talking about the importance of knowing hope and thank you for sharing the spirit of hope with us all.


Rony Schenker, Jerusalem, Israel – Know hope – the psychological capital of Tsad Kadima


Anne said...

I quite enjoyed that presentation too. It reminded me of a client of mine. When he died his wife came to hug us and thank us for our work. I remember we were being shy about it and not knowing how to take it. We must have said something like we wish we could have done more. She stopped and looked at us bewildered, saying that we have done so much, we are were the first ones who have been giving them hope. And thats how I remember my client, his blue eyes shining with hope.

Rony Schenker, OTR, PhD, Tsad Kadima, Israel said...

Dear Susie,
Thank you so much for this post. I did understand what you told me after my talk, but you certainly made your point clearer here.
I do hope that Tsad Kadima's team inspired others as Ambassadors of hope.

Unknown said...

Unfortunately I did not attend the conference in Munich but very exciting to hear my colleagues have left a significant mark.well Done!

Susie Mallett said...

Ketty, your colleagues certainly made an impression on me. Their presence as a team appeared to have so much strength. I loved seeing them together everyday, being there for each other, they inspired me, gave me hope and lit up my soul.