My visitors today

Sunday 6 October 2013


'Maize mazes are amazing'

… and mentoring

Lisa Roach (née Gombinsky) was the person I turned to, to ask to read and criticise my first Congress presentation even before I had got it in its finished state.

She has recently packed up her job and home in Australia and moved with her family to New Zealand where she has a new job. She is really busy but she got back to me almost immediately with her thoughts.

I turned to Lisa as she is the only conductor, who I know well enough to ask, who is involved in work that often overlaps in its style with my own. She is also the only other conductor who I know who has described how she lives her life conductively, just like I do. Apart from that I have mentioned her in both my presentations!

Lisa and I have only met a couple of times, we do not communicate often, usually struggling on alone through difficulties before we remember that the other one is out there somewhere. That is when we make contact with each other again and ask our questions. Or it happens like today when I came come across her blog posting. Amidst Congress preparations, fiddling with my presentations, I noticed that after many months, she had found time to write on her blog. It was so well timed!

I know she has written it because she has at last found time to catch her voice and had managed to sit down to write, but it almost feels like she wrote it for me, for it came as a reminder that she was there and in spirit would also be in the audience as I speak at the end of this week.

 Thank you, Lisa.


Lisa Gombinsky said...

I will certainly be there in spirit Susie - hooting and hollering and cheering. No need for good luck - you will be awesome!

And I'll go to work feeling energized after reading those lively words from someone whose words I lean in and value so much! Thank you - Lx

Susie Mallett said...

Lisa, I have already written your name on the side of my papers where I will image you to be hooting, hollering and cheering! See you there!