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Friday 27 April 2012


"Grandma and Aimee" April 2012

Grandparents in my work

I have often written here on my blog about grandparents. I have described the important role that they play in many of the families that I have met who have children with disabilities.

Here you will find just one of them – 

Grandparents in my family

I know that this is no different to the role that grandparents often have in families with children who have no disabilities. I have observed my sister and her husband in their role as grandparents and I encourage them to continue to be as active as they are now with our new addition to the family as she grows into a young child and then a teenager and adult. My observations while at my work are the motivation I have to say this to my own family. Grandparents really are something special for all children.

Grandparents have lots of time. 

Grandparents can prepare for the hours that they spend with their grandchild so that almost every minute of it is dedicated to the child.

Grandparents have lots of knowledge and experience to share, and lots of stories to tell.
Grandparents have lots of love to share.

There is often no one else in a young child’s life who has so much time and personal attention to offer a child as grandparents have.

Grandparents all over the world

I discovered this story about yet another grandmother who dedicates a lot of her time to her grand-daughter who has cerebral palsy – 

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