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Sunday 8 April 2012

I forgot my birthday

" A lone swan on the river at Trowse"
 by Susie Mallett, April 2012

Friday, 7 March 2008
Welcome to the world of Susie Mallett

Conductor, Konduktorin, konduktor...

...woman and artist!
“A blog should most certainly be added to the list of the ten most important things a woman should have, alongside the cordless drill and the little black dress.
I have just received this Blog as a present and I look forward to seeing how it evolves.

Will it become an art gallery, a poetry book, a bike maintenance workshop, a conductive education forum or even my autobiography?

I can imagine something from them all and more, but we will see. In the meantime thank you very much for this amazing present.”

I was watching out for that birthday around about Christmas time when I was still writing regularly. I had watched and hoped that I would celebrate the fourth birthday of my blog with a 1000th posting, but my writing slowed down as I tried to get the second book published and it did not speed up again to meet my self-imposed deadline.

I suppose if I had added the postings from my second blog, Susie Mallett’s Conductive Upbringing and Lifestyle, to those of the Conductor blog I may have made it but I think that that would have been sort of cheating. I am still almost fifty postings short of the thousand so as well as missing the deadline I also missed the birthday.

I just took a look at the posting I published on that very first day in 2007. When I had no idea how to work a blog and even less of an idea what I should use one for.

Looking back now, flicking through the pages of my blog, I realise that those questions that I asked about what it would be for were not so very far from what it has actually become:

“Will it become an art gallery, a poetry book, a bike maintenance workshop, a conductive education forum or even my autobiography?”

I know that my blog will continue to evolve, it will be transformed into something extra each time I take on a new project and experience new “bits in between for conductors”.

This blog will keep its role of reaching out to anyone and everyone who wants to learn about conductive upbringing and living and it will also continue to be a gallery for my paintings and photographs and for those of my clients.

There have been several lulls in the life of my blog. One was quite early on, in 2008 when my Mum died and another go-slow occurred when I published my first book. The present slump in posting-production began as I was in the final stages of the preparations for book two and I am still trying to get back into the swing of writing.

I have been gardening for my Dad these past few weeks so I had a lot of nature and weather to observe and many more of the usual subjects for a few postings, but unfortunately little time to write about it.

With work beginning again soon, after the Easter weekend, and with the weather warming up so the bike will be in use again, there is bound to be lots to write about if I only I can find the time to get it down in print!

We will see how it goes.

My blog has been around for over four years, and did not go anywhere when I took a bit of a rest when other things have occupied my time. Something that is very important to me is that not only did my blog remain loyal to me, but so did my readers, and it does not appear to matter how long I stay away the readers keep coming back for more.

Sitemeter informs me that it is not only for things conductive that people return for, at least a third of my visitors arrive via Google Images. So my pictures are sought after too, that is nice!

Whatever it is you are here to see, a big Thank You to all my faithful fans and to all the newcomers!

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