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Saturday 21 April 2012

Magic, change and transformation

'Spiral' by Susie Mallett, April 2012

A little bit of magic, plus a little bit of magic, added to several more little bits of magic. 

Hey presto! What have you got?

Change and transformation!

With so much magic weaving its spells it is impossible to know whether it is the one sleight of hand, or this trick or that illusion that is working its wonders.

Magic, life and conductive education do not work like that. We cannot isolate one thing from the other to say: Ah that is why it worked’, we have to observe everything as a whole and then marvel at what happens.

One part of a magic trick may not work without the illusion and the clever sleight of hand, the effects of lighting, a rabbit in a hat, or some other trick up the magician’s sleeve. All the separate parts of a conjuring act depend upon the others and influence the others. Success is reliant on everything and everyone working in unity, just the same as it is in the virtual spiral of living, especially conductive living.

Social, emotional and physical magic

I saw Little Princess yesterday for the first time in almost four weeks.

First I was ill, then there were the school holidays and I have also been at home in England.
It was nice for us all to be together again.

When we got up from the dinner table to walk upstairs where Littlie Princess was to do her homework I just could not believe my eyes or my hands. Littlie needed hardly any help at all when standing up, when standing still or when taking steps, and she walked up and down the stairs with no physical help at all.

She was off, and as is often the case with our children, all of a sudden. 

When we stood still to regain balance after taking a few steps we went through the list, trying to find out what had worked this magic spell, if indeed it was magic at all. 

Perhaps it was just hard work.

We asked ourselves lots of questions.

Was it the lovely new shoes or perhaps her amazing new clothes? (All the girls had treggings on that day!)

Was it the extra centimetre in height? Or had her feet or her arms grown?

Was it due to having spent the lovely school holidays in Berlin or was it perhaps due to her now practising free walking every day at school? 

Was it because of the warmer weather, and the fact that she can be outside for a long time in the evenings on her bike?

Was it joy in knowing that the people in the team that help smooth the paths in her life are so relaxed and enjoy their work?

Littlie and I have often talked about how some activities will become easier with a little extra height or with slightly longer arms and bigger hands. We have also regularly noticed over the years that we have known each other, but especially since she attends mainstream school, that after, or perhaps during a holiday, huge developments occur in her abilities. We also know that school is tiring and it is easier for her when she attends conductive groups during or just after the holidays.

Communication and transformation

At the beginning of March we had a very successful meeting at school with the educational team that works with Little Princess. Littlie was there in school for most of the meeting. We were there to see what help she needed from us in the future, so we needed her help, and of course she is fully aware of how pleased we are. Not only are we pleased with her physical progress and success in her school life, but also our own success in working together so well, communicating just enough to help our Littlie’s path to success.

A week after this happy meeting we had a more social gathering, a gathering that included other members of a wider team around Littlie and her family.

I truly believe that it was after these meetings that the web of magic began to work its wonders. The unity that we work towards was so visible and the souls of all involved were radiating joy, especially Littlie’s soul and the family soul too. We were all filled with renewed motivation to solve problems and achieve success.

Of course this happy working and living environment motivates us all and Littlie no less than the rest of us. 

A break in the routine and lots of time to rest and play also brings its benefits. Little Princess is still little for her age, she uses up a lot of energy during a school day. Having two week’s holiday means that she has a few hours' extra sleep, a few hours' extra play and a lot more hours with her family, and she thrives on it all.

Putting into practice what we discuss in the meetings is also reaping its rewards. 

Littlie and her class assistant decided that they would have the walking-bike at school instead of the rolator, as this affords a much better posture and they decided that they would walk freely a lot more in the classroom where space was a bit tight for the walking-bike. It seems that we made the right decision, Littlie is walking more securely and her posture is improving too.

What about the clothes? 

Well I suppose like all of us Little Princess really does feel like a princess when she is looking chic in her denim-look leggings, and when she adds the new shoes to the outfit then the effect on her walking and posture is huge.

No answers just joy

 After our discussion about magic, Littlie decided, and I agreed, that it is the unity of everything we do that has worked wonders over the past few weeks and has allowed her to take such big strides forwards.

We all agree that a new pair of shoes has helped a great deal, with the heavier winter boots discarded with great ceremony because they have huge holes in them! 

(Photographs will be published later of these shoes because it amazes us that a severely physically disabled little girl has walked holes right through the soles of heavy-duty winter boots!)

The daily walks in the classroom have also contributed to Littlie’s new-found walking skills.
We have stopped searching for answers to who or what casts the magic and have settled down to enjoy the new experiences. One of these new experiences is her getting off her chair and walking a few steps alone before we, the conductors, actually reach her. She is feeling very brave and of course extremely pleased with herself.

A pat on the back and an answer to the questions

I received a note from a Mum of another child last night. It said:

I am really so impressed with how Littlie walked today, they are both such hardworking children!’

That sums it all up in one sentence for us: ‘They are both such hard-working children.’

Yes they are, and all that hard work casts a magic spell over us all!

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