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Sunday 6 November 2011

Bob at NICE

A blast from the past

This turned up in my in-box today from Google Alerts. There are some questions asked that should still be asked today and some great footage from England and Hungary:

The quality of the video is sometimes poor but the essence is still there. It was great to see all those young people again!

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Andrew said...

Thanks, Susie, there are cetainly a lot of unanswered questions posed by the appearance of this twenty-one-year-old fundraising video on YouTube.

Not least, who posted it there, who is 'The Skyejewell'. Not the copyright-holder, surely.

Yes, it is very nice that this well constructed litle documentary should get a wider airing, but the issues raised, by its rescreening and its content deserve far better introduction than 'an alternative form of therapy for kids with disabilities'.

It that what it has come to?