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Friday 25 November 2011

Arty beiginnings

I have so many stories to write, perhaps a weekend in Budapest will give me the time to get the words down. Despite a busy programme and the obvious draw back of the return to my second home handing me a dozen new stories on a plate.
Abscent, arty-grauntie
My big Sis sent me a short message two days ago telling me of her latest adventures with Aimee,  my Dad’s great-grand-daughter, and when I got home I found an email with pictorial evidence.
The message said:  Sure Start painting with lots of different cars, Aimee loved it.”
 I replied: “Wow, I will do that tomorrow!”
The picture, sure enough, showed the tracks of vehcles that had travelled over a piece of paper almost as big as our Aimee.
Yesterday another message: “Did you try it?”
Sadly the answer was: “No, no time.”
Today I made time
The conversation with the three three to six-year-olds, who were watching as I prepared for our arty crafty activity, went a bit like this:
“Are we going to play cars?”
“Are we going to paint too?”
“How are we going to play cars?”
“With the paint!”
I do not think they believed it until they actually saw me wheel a Matchbox ambulance, then a Playmobile wagon, followed by a Formula One racing car through stripes of colour on my paper.
They could not wait to get stuck in, neither could my colleague who created the circular image above with a red fire engine!
So Aimee and Sis, thank you very much for the tip, it was brilliant. I hope Sure Start sends lots more ideas my way. After more than thirty years in the business of being arty with children and adults, some new inspiration is always very welcome.
Our Petö children were delighted with their gallery of motorised art! I think they went off to lunch still not believing quite what they had just done.
The  chasis of the Formula One racing car was a bit too low-lying for this kind of painting, perhaps with a thinner paint it would produce a finer print, with thick finger-paints it was the least succesful of all our vehicles.

Have lots of fun all of you who give it a go.
Sure Start – Government funded groups for early education. Aimee is only twenty-months old.

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