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Thursday 25 June 2009

The sky's the limit

Susie Mallett, June 2009

I have just been reading about James Rose on Andrew Sutton’s blog.

It was marvellous to see his name there and then take a peek at his website to read about what he is up to these days.

I used to baby-sit for James and his sisters when we all lived in Budapest. in the early nineties. These were always fun evenings, as James had such a wonderful sense of humour. I will always remember one fun thing that he used to say to his Mum if he thought that she was annoying him, but I certainly won’t mention it here!

I often wondered what had happened to James, and to many of the other children I knew then.

James, if you read this, good luck with the jump. Once I get my head round how to sponsor you I will do so.

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