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Saturday 11 May 2013

When the road of a conductive lifestyle leads to Italy!

No gates barred for Little Princess

Her conductive road has led her to Italy

Having conquered many obstacles already in her life any problems that she came up against in Italy would have been solved with the usual aplomb 

And the story goes on!

Little Princess just arrived home from a school exchange trip to Italy.

The group of ten-year-olds was accompanied by staff from the school and Little Princess’s classroom-assistant went too! Mum would have been prepared to accompany them but having the classroom-assistant with them made everything more like the normal school situation and I am sure a lot more comfortable for Little Princess than being the only child with a parent tagging along.

I really am looking forward to finding out how the two of them fared when we meet each other next week. 

Both Little Princess and her assistant have been busy in extra-curriculum lessons learning Italian, they even attempted to teach me a few words to help me during my trip at Easter. I think the two of them had more chance of making themselves understood than I had. 

I will discover how it went from both points of view on Thursday as that is the day when Little Princess is accompanied by her classroom assistant to our after-school conductive session.

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