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Saturday 18 May 2013

Congress on cerebral palsy at Lake Bled

"Posting a letter"

Even though it would have been quite nice I could not be at the castle in Bled this week as I was at a different seminar for two days, but it would be really nice to find out about what was presented there.

Will someone write a report on this, will the papers be made available soon?

9th International Congress on Cerebral Palsy
Bled, Slovenia, May 15 - 18, 2013  

Under the patronage of
Borut Pahor, President of the Republic of Slovenia

As I looked through the programme for this congress that is coming to an end right now I discovered something that is very rare indeed.

Gabriella Czifra, a conductor who works in England was the first speaker on the first full day of the congress, May 16, and she chaired the first plenary session at 8am this morning—

Thursday, 16 May 2013
Venue: Festival Hall at Lake Bled
Meet the Experts
Gabriella Czifra (United Kingdom): Conductive Education - a Neuro-Rehabilitation System for People with Cerebral Palsy

Saturday, 18 May 2013
Meet the Experts
08.00 - 08.45
Stojčević Polovina Therapeutic Approach
Chair: Gabriella Czifra (United Kingdom)”

Well done Gabriella I hope that it was all a great success.

I noticed Gabriella’s name because I met her recently in England. As I continued to read I realized there were more names that I recognized and another presentation with a conductive theme. During the second session this morning people from the Keil Institute in Austria were speaking about their work –

“11.00 - 12.30 Plenary Session
Chair: Rajul Vasa (India), Taisiya Serganova (Russia)
Doris Ossberger, Thorsten Gegenwarth, Thomas Reinelt (Austria): Life Long Conductive Sports Education for People with Cerebral palsy
A Key Element for Successful Rehabilitation (The Adapted Skibob – Winter Sports for People with Special Needs)”

Thank you to you all for representing the conductive world on an international platform. Maybe one of you can let the rest of us know where we can find out more about what went on. 


9th International Congress on Cerebral Palsy



Andrew said...

Thanks, Susie, for spotting and sharing this. Lovely place, Lake Bled, implausibly beautiful. I recall meeting a whole coach-load of elderly Tiptonites there some years ago,. I had heard them talking and asked whether they were Yammies! They found my linguistic unsophistication most amusing. This on the high terrace of the castle looking down on the lake and its island. Highly implausible!

It is nice to hear of representatives of an altogether new generation coming forward to speak out for Conductive Education. It is extraordinary, however, to see that CE needs introducing as something new to the ICPS, so quickly do organisations lose touch with their own place in history! I wonder what the ISPS knows now of Conductive Education, and its own role in the early days of the breakout from Hungary.

By the way, I see that CE was introduced as a 'neuro-rehabilitation system'. I have no idea at all what that means. More linguistic unsophistication on my part.

Gabi said...

Dear Susie and Andrew and other readers as well:)

I was very surprised to - in a positive way- to read Susie's blog and also Gillian's as well re presentations and recent happenings around the world especially which is CE related. I would be happy to submit or send a copy of the presentation over to Gillian so others can access it if they want to.

The Conference in Bled was very interesting and I had a chance to listen to some very interesting and also thought-provoking lectures and made some very good and useful contacts with other professionals from around the world.
Althought Andrew is right about the ICPS and especially Milivoj and some other members of the association have some knowledge of CE but my general impression of the crowd and also based on the questions and the feedback after the lectures - as I ended up delivering two different lectures - that the professionals who were at the conference had either no knowledge of CE or have some level of knowledge -which mainly consisted of so Conductive Education is a therapy then? or 'Conductive Education is bad for children with spasticity ' etc.

If people are interested I will be happy to wirte a short post as a reflection on the conference and what sort of feedback I got from professionals.

Regarding the title CE as a neuro-rehabilitation system, well I don't think it is reflecting on your linguistic skills or knowledge Andrew and thanks for sort of forming a question on it, I do think that many of you agree with me that it is very difficult to describe CE. I certainly wanted to get away from using words such as therapy or treatment -as I do not believe the CE is a therapy or a treatment. I do believe that CE is a system in its own right. About neuro-rehabilition- well, after thinking a lot about it and also spending quite a long time looking at various CE website to see how others describe or define CE - I have to admit I began liking the expression and the meaning behind it and I used it in the title. :)

I will be happy to share thoughts and experiences with all of you who is interested of course:)

Susie Mallett said...

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write such a long reply.

It will be lovely to read your presentations in e-Conduction’s on-line depository, thank you for offering to make them available to us all.

Would you consider writing something to post here on my Blog, about your experiences in Bled? I would like that very much.

Please contact me by email so that we can organize it if you agree.