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Monday 6 May 2013

Little Princess and Jolly Prof,...

  ...this lovely story is never-ending

An average of 2.33, off to grammar school

Off to school with 2.33

In Germany children need an average of 2.33 in the mid-term report in the 4th year of primary school in order to move on to Gymnasium (grammar school) in the following school-year.

Almost every day for the past few weeks the children have been arriving at the afternoon group with news of more tests passed, usually with flying colours.

At last the exams were over and there was a bit of a lull until the big day, the receiving-of-reports day!

Just another day in their quite extraordinary lives

Jolly Prof. and Little Princess were actually quite nonchalant about it and we had to drag the news out of them both in the end with a series of questions. Eventually the whole group could share in the joy of their huge achievement.

Conquering many difficulties over the last few years these two ten-year-olds have achieved the required marks in the three main subjects of mathematics, German, and social studies and general science.

At the beginning of the year the children and their parents, with advice from the whole team who work together towards inclusion, began to search for a grammar school, or schools, that would be suitable for them.

Independently of each other both families decided on a school that is quite a long journey away but very experienced in providing inclusive education for children with special needs. We have visited and talked about the needs of the children with the teacher responsible for inclusion and already preparations of all kinds are being made, even our carpenters are busy building a height-adaptable chair for Little Princess.

We were never really in any doubt

But we had to wait for the school reports before we could celebrate.

And celebrate we did. I, with tears of joy in my eyes.

It certainly is a big achievement for these two who were the reason for the conductive centre in Nürnberg opening its first integrated Conductive/Montessori Kindergarten eight years ago!

The surprises never cease

I look forward to the day when I see them both in another eight years all dressed up for the Leavers-Ball, school leaver’s certificate in hand. I will be there to cheer for sure!

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