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Sunday 24 February 2013

Talking about the mind on an island, a desert island

Sunday listening

I was indulging myself on Sunday lunchtime by listening to German-born psychologist Professor Uta Frith on Desert Island Discs with Kirsty Young.

I was being arty-crafty while I listened but had to take a break from the felt-making to record what she said, in a very short sentence, as it reinforced once again what I heard during Mindweek in the Nürnberg-South Hospital in 2011. She reiterated what the professors there repeatedly said in almost all of their short presentations – that we do not have the answers to all of the exciting questions being asked about the brain, we do not know what is happening in the mind and that we are a long, long way from knowing how the brain works.


Desert Island Discs – BBC Radio Four

Uta Frith

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Andrew said...

...and as for the mind, nuff said!

Our society has no agreed model to discuss this, never mind for relating what we re discussing to 'the brain'. The very concepts in which I state this might seem so unproblematical, but are they, do they even represent legitimate categories able to carry science forward to some needed paradigm- breakthrough?

might we, for ezacmpl, be more productively employed thinking about the intra-cerebral rather than the cerebral, the social rather than the psychological?

It all beats me. Meanwhile, I do hope that CE keeps its attention on what it can do and understand (doing both rather well at the level of practice).