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Tuesday 2 October 2012

András Pető in the postman’s bag


I have a good, long read ahead

There will be no difficulty for me to decide this morning on my reading material on the tram.

AP it will be!

András Pető, compiled by Gillian Maguire and Andrew Sutton
2012, Conductive Education Press, 

Many thanks to Gill and Andrew for this much appreciated publication.


Kasey Gray said...

My copy should arrive tomorrow!

Susie Mallett said...

Hope you do not have to travel by bus tomorrow, Kasey! I nearly missed my bus-stop twice this morning while deeply engrossed.

Reading Forrai Judit's first pages made me wish I could take the day off to read the rest.
This is the best bit so far,the piece that got the first pencil mark in the margin, by Forrai Judit, -

'One of his main cornerstones was steadfastness of purpose. This attitude emanates from the pores of all those who use conductive pedagogy;'.

I am lucky, it is a bank holiday tomorrow and I will spend four hours of the day travelling by train, enough time to get well and truely lost in AP.

The end of the line is Munich, my destination, so I will not have to fear missing my stop.