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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Life is busy

Jolly Professor again, 
inventing new and more intricate games to test his skills


Yesterday evening I put the finishing touches to a posting that I then published on my other site, the conductive upbringing blog:

I posted it over there as I was going to post something here too about the German carnival atmosphere, both locally and throughout the entire country. I wanted to describe the doughnut-eating Bavarians and the marathon lunchtime bake by the only pancake-eating Brit in Boxdorf.  

I was going to write about being accosted by a clown at the tram-stop who gave me a doughnut, a voucher for the chemist shop he was advertising and a lei in Bavarian colours that, I am proud to say, I wore all the way to work.

Instead of writing about carnival I wrote the conductive blog that I posted over on my other blog and I also prepared a paper to post elsewhere.

Then I ran out of time

I did quite well really with what I did achieve, considering that I returned home from my work at eight o’clock in the evening. I decided that the festive blog can be written at the same time next year when carnival, doughnuts and Pancake Day come round again, followed as usual by a time of fasting.

Fasching really does not seem topical anymore!

As Lent began today I had to fight the traditionalists amongst the German staff to be allowed to keep the carnival streamers up in the conductive group for the duration of the half-term holiday. The children had requested a party atmosphere.

Last-minute changes

Political subjects are always used as themes for decorating the carnival floats, from those at the smallest village processions to the huge festivities in Mainz, Cologne and Dusseldorf, the heart of carnival fever in Rhineland.

Over the last couple of days I read in media from all around the world that last-minute creations were being made in order to incorporate the resignation of Germany’s President, Mr Wulff, in the anonymous, masked, political statements of Rose Monday and Shrove Tuesday. Some of them can be read about here:

A repeat performance

Just like it always was in my Mum’s kitchen, so it was in Boxdorf today. Pancakes were on the menu for a second day running, at special request from the Magyars!! Now that is praise indeed.

A never-ending saga

I have done with pancake-baking for the year now, but I do not think that the media is finished with the story about Germany’s already resigned and the yet-to-be-appointed Presidents. That long story gis sure to go on  until 18 March but without all the fun of carnival to accompany it;

You never know, perhaps it will still be topical enough to get a mention in next year’s carnival creations!

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