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Wednesday 15 February 2012

Bits-in-between for two conductors…

 …things conductors get up to at lunchtime!

It is Fasching time again, when everyone dresses up!

A colleague needed a carnival-costume for tomorrow’s party in the Kindergarten, so who did she turn to for a hasty creation? To me of course , the artist amongst us.

I arrived at work today, having spent the morning getting the latest book ready for the printers, just in time to coincide with my friend’s lunch-break. I had been pre-warned an hour earlier of my task so both of us were equipped with bags filled with old, grey clothes. We had everything that we could possibly need, from an all-in-one sleeping outfit, to bandanas, socks and vests, all in various shades of grey.
My friend wanted to be a big, grey bunny with big lopping ears!

I, she who has everything, delved deep into my dressing-up box and fished out a rabbit’s nose and whiskers that I believe first saw carnival-action in the spina-bifida group at the Petö Institute, in February 1990. It got a quick wash and was as good as new, it even still has its original elastic.

We set to work, my colleague by telling me what she wanted and I by quickly stitching the pieces of material together. With the all-in-one suit turned inside-out to hide the logos, with the short socks sewn onto the arms of a T-shirt then stuffed with cardboard for the ears, bandanas and the rest of the T-shirt and a pair of underpants made into head-gear, and two teeth cut out of paper, we were soon finished.

I used only six pins, all I had, and pale, blue cotton for sewing, also all I had, and, as I only used scissors once to cut the arms off the T-shirt, almost all the clothes can be returned to their original use. Even the pom-pom used for the tail can be sewn back on the bobble-hat it was taken from!


As you can see in the photograph we ended up with quite a respectable big, grey rabbit and it did not cost us a penny! It cost us just a little bit of time, but not much, sixty minutes each at the most.

What it gave us in return was a lovely hour together having fun in our time off.

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