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Thursday 23 February 2012

Hot off the press…

"Time to celebrate!"

… but not in our hands yet, so still no picture.

I cannot wait, but wait I must.

I have just heard from our designer that she has Waltraud's book in her office and it is all that I can do to stop myself getting on the next tram over there to take a look!

15.00 hours on Monday 27th February is the moment when we will see the fruits of our labours in real life. Until now we have only seen the design on the computer screen but that is not quite the same as having something solid in our hands.

Uli, our designer, says it looks really good with its glossy cover and that we should come in a car and not by train to collect two very heavy boxes!

We will, of course, go by car. Waltraud’s husband will drive us. We will be there with cameras slung around our necks to record the moment and arms full of flowers as a Thank You gift.

We have the book ready exactly two weeks before we really need it!

We planned to have it ready to present at the  annual German Conductive Education conference that takes place on the 8-9 March, 2012, this year in Rosenheim.

More about the conference later, it is time now for Waltraud Heußinger’s book, “It came like a bolt from the blue”, to take centre stage.

We are hoping that it will sell like hot cakes so put your orders in now, not to be disappointed . For just ten Euros, plus p&p, a copy can be on its way to you soon!

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