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Tuesday 24 May 2011

Just do it...

A salamanda

A charcoal burner

Bükk Hills, Hungary, 1991 the Bükk Hills

This will be a wonderful experience. These beech woodlands in the Bükk Hills in Hungary are absolutely beautiful. I walked there several times at Easter and slept in a hut on the edge of a clearing that had a wood-burning stove. The trip was always at Easter and we needed the fire, although on a few occasions we abandoned the hut and took our sleeping bags into the forest in the hope that wild boar would pass by. And they did!

It was here in the Bükk Hills that I saw not only my first wild pigs, but also my first, and only, salamander. I even held it in my hand. It was beautiful.

Sign up for this trip if you can spare the time, it is sure to be a lovely adventure.

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