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Saturday 28 May 2011

I get around

"But never far from home"
by Susie Mallett, May 2011

Or so my Sitemeter tells me

Some of my friends and readers will know that I like finding out about my dots!

There are people all around the world reading my blog and naturally sometimes I wonder about them. I wonder about who they are and about whether they are there by accident or if they are searching for something specific. I also wonder whether they have questions that I could answer and I think how nice it would be to chat with them and get to know who they are.

There are many of my “dots” who I know, either personally or through cyberspace. I met a few of my “dots” at the World Congress in Hong Kong last year which was fun. There are also other people who I know read my blog but I do not know which dot they are.

I know for example that several people at the Rainbow Centre in Fareham were reading the posting that I wrote this week about their planned trek in the Bükk Hills, Hungary. I also think that someone in Zurich, searching for the Vera Forster Theatre School in Switzerland, landed on my posting, about a different Vera Forster, by mistake.

Another snippet of info gathered from my Sitemeter is that this week many of my blog-pages, both past and present, have been read in the Silicon Valley of California, USA. Twenty-four pages out of the one hundred that have been read since Wednesday, were read in California! That makes me think that someone somewhere is ploughing through my blog, something that I often do when I find a new one that interests me. Of course I wonder who this can be, but most of all it is just nice to see that some people come back to read more. Or maybe there are twenty-four people reading my blog in this pioneering-technology-capital. Still, that is nice to wonder about too!

Thank you who ever you all are for reading so much, it must take ages especially when the postings are over two thousand-five hundred words long like the last one!

Time for a song!

I looked for a song about California, beginning my search with Glen Campbell, the Rhinestone Cowboy. Then I thought I must include the Beach Boys who spring immediately to mind when Californian music is mentioned and of course there must be something from the Eagles. So I include here examples from them all and cannot leave out my hero Tina Turner singing River deep, mountain high. Nothing about California but something to start off this Saturday afternoon music mix:

Tina Turner – River deep, mountain high

Glen Campbell - Try a little kindness

Today is mine

The Beach Boys - I get around – The Beach Boys on Ready Steady Go, 1964

Surfin’ USA

The Eagles – Hotel California

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