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Sunday 15 May 2011

A Family Affair

"Meadows and marshes in Norfolk"
by Susie Mallett, April 2011

Books and paints along the road to upbringing

I have made mention before on my blog of the Grandmother who writes books and paints pictures for her grandchild with athetoid cerebral palsy:

Both the books and the paintings have been sold to raise money for the child’s various special needs. One of these is to attend a Conductive Education centre.

The family have been waiting for the time that they could take Hailey to experience Conductive Education for the first time and have chosen to do this in a group setting. They have achieved their aim and are right now making their first steps as a family on their conductive upbringing journey.

I received Google Alerts last week showing Hailey in action. In the film clips you can see her looking very much at ease thanks to some very good preparation and what appears to be a lovely environment. You can see her walking with fellow 1989-93-trained conductor, Andrea.

Well done to Hailey and family


Susie Mallett -

The Conductive Learning Center, Grand Rapids -

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