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Saturday 4 August 2012

Spontaneous, infectious excitement!

The first of this month's two full moons, 2 August 2012
This first August moon changed from pink to orange while I was cycling home. Look out for the 'Blue Moon' on 31st August

I do not know who are more excited, me and my friend or my clients!

When I told everyone at work this week, adults and children, colleagues and clients, that a friend of mine in England, who is himself enjoying London 2012’s sailing events this weekend in Weymouth, has secured tickets for us both to attend three events in the Paralympics, there were whoops of delight all around. Anyone listening would have thought that I was taking them all with me. Oh, how I wish I could!

My friend and I will watch athletics at the Olympic Stadium, goal ball in the Copper Box and sitting volleyball at the Excel Stadium!

We will take as many photographs as possible and I will bring as many souvenirs back with me that I can carry to share amongst the excited followers at work.

I believe that the athletic events that we have tickets for will include the 400m heats so I may quite possibly get to see Oscar Pistorius run, who has, by the way, just this morning qualified for the semi-final of the other 400m that he is competing in!

An amazing achievement!

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