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Saturday 21 July 2012

Not at all like the double-decker buses of London Transport


Spotted this week on my cycle-ride to work

‘Riding along in a big yellow bus’  by Susie Mallett

The route between the outskirts of Nürnberg to Erlangen is always busy, especially early and late in the day. The crowds ease off in the summer as the number of students travelling daily to the university decreases, but I feel like I am travelling to work in a tin of sardines whenever I leave the bike at home and use public transport.

Last year several non-stop bendy-buses were brought into service with the hope that they would ease the congestion on the stopping buses. It seemed to do the job but also presented the problem of having to be extra careful not to get on the wrong sort of bus. I only ended up at the University campus once and my colleagues were extremely tolerant having all done the same thing. They entertained the members of my group until I, and at least four other passengers, got back to our right bus-stops.

On Tuesday I noticed a double-decker bus on the same route. It was yellow, and seemed to be both wider and higher than those I recognise as regular public transport buses at home. It was not until I spotted the number on the front that I realised that it was not a private coach but public transport. As I cycled along the same route on Wednesday and Thursday I saw it again and then again and realised that it must be used as a trial. 

On Friday I just happened to be photographing the beautiful fields of lettuce as the same yellow bus passed me by. 

'Salad Days' by Susie Mallett

That is how I happen to have a picture of the yellow double-decker. I do not always cycle with my camera in my hand, just sometimes!

Being as British as they come, it was not difficult to find something in my home with a big red route-master on it to photograph to head this posting.  


I am hoping for rain on at least one day next week so, without any feelings of guilt, I can leave the bike at home and take a trip on the big yellow bus. I shall check the internet to find out exactly the time that it will be running.

I wonder whether bikes are allowed? 

Now that would be an even better way of testing it out.

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