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Monday 9 July 2012

A birdie PS

Those baby blackbirds have flown the nest!

Well, not exactly flown the nest as they cannot fly yet. They have sort of flopped and fluttered out of it.

Yesterday they were stretching legs and wings by wandering into the window-box. I woke this morning to find an empty nest and the two birds were again sitting in the window-box. As I left for work I discovered that one had fallen to the ground below so I put my hat over him and carried him back upstairs. When I returned at lunch time both nest and window-box were empty and only one bird was to be seen in the tree. Dad, ever present, was squawking at me like crazy.

I had a lovely weekend enjoying watching the young being fed and listening to them chirping away each time Dad appeared in sight. I will miss them all and hope that they will return next year. I will leave their empty nest just where it is, just in case.

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