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Wednesday 7 March 2012

Where have all the flowers gone.

Where have all the flowers gone?

We sang and we painted

Both of these activities took place in the stroke group.

“That is not so unusual”, I can hear my regular readers saying and, yes, you would be right in thinking that this is what happens regularly in my groups.

Today was different

Why? Because the singer from our group was not there, and because this particular group of clients have
never wanted to do anything remotely arty before.

I and a couple of other group members wanted to sing so I chose a song that I know well in English and one that I know I can sing the melody of well enough on my own.

It is amazing how reliant I have become on the singer of the group to help me out with this part of our programme. She was however not there and with the help from another musical client we gave it our best.

After we had got through to the end with a repeat of the second verse to get the rhythm of the words correct we were feeling quite pleased with ourselves.

As we were taking a break to catch our breath we got on to discussing an art project that I am in the middle of with the children. It is a bit of a secret project but I can relieve that we are painting a sting of bunting for a special party. I asked my clients whether they would like to participate but they declined this time. They did, however, take up the coloured pencils that were on offer and began to decorate their paper copy of Sag mir wo die Blumen sind! And what’s more they appeared to enjoy themselves.

Times they are a changin

So the next session what do you think we did? We did not even ask, we just put the white triangles and the fabric paints on the table and, low and behold, it worked again. They took up the challenge. Not only did they paint but they painted with lots of creativity and inspiration.

So now I know what will be happening in the next three-week stroke block.

When the lying programme comes to an end, instead of being removed, the plinths will be up-ended, canvases will be hung from them, paint will be provided on a stool beside each plinth, and some music will be put on the player for inspiration. Then hopefully I will be saying “Bob’s your uncle” for another fait acomplis,  and an exhibition of our work will be shown at the summer Fest this year!


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