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Monday 24 March 2008

Unconditional Love (Faith and Hope)

I am still in the city of Liebe, szerelem, love. The 'Paris of the East'.

I have just read Andrew Sutton’s Easter Saturday blog “The Soul in Conductive Education”. My soul starting singing even louder than it always does when I am in this wonderful city.

I realised while reading that I really did understand what Dr Mária Hári was saying when talking about “kapcsolat”, contact, bonding an intelligent love from the very moment I had contact with her and her Institute. It would be nice to say immediately I stepped into the Pető Institute, but this is probably an exaggeration, although that is what it feels like now.

As I said in my last posting I felt immediately at home in Hungary, in Budapest, in the Peto Institute, but most importantly and also having had the biggest influence on me and my life, was that I felt immediately at home with Konduktív Nevelés, Conductive Upbringing.
I knew I had landed in the right place.

Throughout my training I thought I was learning by osmosis and not only in the first months when this was the only way because of the language.

Also throughout my training I often thought to myself: “this is common sense, it is all about life, about living. I asked myself why don’t all professionals working in this field use these methods."

Yes, we learnt the academic stuff, but it was the five hours a day, five days a week for four years working in a group which gave me, as a conductor, the “feel” of CE.

I learnt how much and how little to touch, how much and how little to talk, when to talk and when to remain silent, when to laugh and when not to laugh. I also learnt the importance of what Dr Mária Hári called the group atmosphere, which I believe is the most important ingredient in the recipe for a healthy Seele.

In the above-mentioned blog from Andrew Sutton ”The Soul in Conductive Education” he talks about faith, hope and love. Where would we be in our work as conductors without all three?

Somewhere along the way, in one of my periods of studying, I came across “unconditional love”. I think it was from Winnicott on good-enough mothering.

In my work as an art therapist and teacher this has always served me well, but as a conductor I believe it is what leads to the success of Conductive Education.

What ever happens, however tough the road is, the client must always be secure in the environment he finds himself in, surrounded by love. An unconditional love, an intelligent love. I think it is this “love” which Dr. Mária Hári called the “group atmosphere”. In my opinion this motivates the client to succeed more than any other form of motivation.

To achieve an atmosphere of security, full of hope for the future, where expectations are high, with a strong faith that these will be achieved, I believe should be the aim of us all.

"The Soul in Conductive Education”

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