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Thursday 20 March 2008

Enriching my Soul at the World Famous Petö Institute

What a wonderful world, 2002, by Susie Mallett
I am writing this post from the Hári Mária könyvtár (library) in the Petö Institute, Budapest surrounded by the "Conductive Seele".

The actual building has changed quite a lot since I was studying here, but what about the Seele?

No, I can assure you all, that hasn't changed one bit, the Seele still oozes out of the orange, red, and green walls of the different floors. It can be felt in the voices of the conductors and it can be seen in their faces.

I hear the Seele singing through the corridors as I climb the famous stairs, past the crocodiles of children.

It is wonderful to be back, I feel like I have returned home, a seelische homecoming. My heart is light and once more I receive the confirmation that I have definitely chosen the right profession.

Old colleagues, friends and teachers welcome me back with open arms.

Strangers likewise.

Yesterday I was welcomed into the Mária Hári library itself, they were awaiting me. I was told many stories about András Petö and I was also able to read more of his work. I read some of his plays which, although typed, had handwritten corrections in the borders.

I was also able to find out more about the man himself from an 83-year old néne, (affectionate name, used like we would used auntie in English).
a conductor friend of mine introduced me to this lady in her own home.

Over tea and pogácsa ( savoury scones) I listened and was thoroughly thankful that I can still speak the language of the Maygars. This meant I could ask so many of the questions which were flooding into my brain and which this gracious lady answered so willingly.

I have enough information for a later blog.

This amazing lady had first received "treatment" from Petö in 1941, this was before he had an institute. He would visit her at her parents' house. Four years later, when she was twenty-years old and then working at the telephone exchange, she started to attend the twice-weekly evening group for workers.

Petö told her she would need to "exercise" until she was 80, which she has done and through Conductive Education she has lived, and still lives, an independent and active life.

This néne told me more than once that it was always András Petö's aim to bring the best out of people. This is the aim of all of us involved in Conductive Education, isn't it?

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