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Monday 5 December 2016

Publication in a magazine, a first!

A big thank you to my colleague Kriszti for this spontaneous team work!

We wrote an article together just before the summer break managing to get it sent off to NOT magazine just days, if not hours, before the deadline for the next edition. I think actually we either missed that deadline or there was no space for us and that is why we waited so long for the article to appear. 

NOT is a bi-monthly (every two months) magazine specializing in brain injury and stroke. 

We wrote about the work we do with stroke survivors and about the book that I published with one of my long term stroke clients, Waltraud. There is also a nice plug for the book at the end of the article. It is available on the German Conductor Association website. I hope that we get some orders.

Waltraud will be in the stroke group in the morning and she will be as thrilled to read this as I am. I have never had an article that I have joint-written in a magazine before.

I remember sitting at work writing as fast as I could on the day before I went to England in July 2016 with Little Princess. I hoped that Kriszti would be able to read my writing as she would be transcribing it. I also remember being asked for a photograph of myself for the article while I was with my Dad (I sent one from my sister’s 60th birthday celebration). Then I forgot all about it until last night when I got a phone call to tell me that it had at last been published. A few people have actually written emails today to congratulate us, which really is lovely.

The magazine cannot be read online and I do not have a copy of it yet. 

I will see whether I can get the article onto the Conductive Depository after the Congress if not before.

I presented this book at the last world congress in Germany in 2013 and I will have a few copies with me in Budapest if anyone is interested in reading it. At a special congress price of course.



Gillian Maguire said...

Well done, Susie, that is great news. More conductors should write and publish as you do. I will look forward to seeing the article and will certainly put it into The Depository when it is available to do so.

oc2dean said...

What are the requirements for an article? I have plenty of ideas. Contact?