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Thursday 8 December 2016

Memories come flooding back

Just weeks after I began my training at the Pető Institute I arrived for work early one morning to be greeted in the downstairs lobby by a lovely surprise - a familiar face. It was my Aunt's nneighbour, and also an old friend from sixth form days, who was standing there, with one of  his twin sons, bearing gifts.

He was not surprised to see me having been kept informed by my Aunt. It was my surprise, as was the jar of Branston Pickles that I was joyfully presented with. A present from home, the only thing my Mum could think of that I would be missing!

Why do I suddenly remember this story now?

Because right now on the plane at 6.30 am I am eating cheese and pickle sandwiches. I have never had Branston for breakfast before!

It is nice as I return to Budapest to be reminded of that morning in 1989.I will never forget how it felt, after only a few weeks in this strange country, to see a friendly face.

Times changed, months and years went by and gradually each day I arrived at work I was met by an increasing number of friendly faces.

I wonder how many of them will greet me as I enter the Institute this Friday and Saturday mornings.

My heart will be filled to over flowing. I will not need the Branston to cheer me up.

If Mark reads this, many thanks for bringing a bit of family life to those first strange and lonely weeks In Budapest.

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