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Sunday 25 December 2016

Creativity in CE


I will never forget the day when Nick Maley (of Star Wars fame) visited the children I was working with.

I had organized a Star Wars themed drawing session before our guests arrived.

After being introduced to Yoda, who Nick brought with him in a suitcase, and chatting to the other characters from the Star Wars’ fan club, Nick sat down for a serious chat with the children.

I remember being very impressed by what he said. He is a natural at motivational speaking although in a very informal way. I hope that I was able to communicate Nick’s enthusiasm through my translation into German.  By the look on the children’s faces I think I succeeded. They were all listening to him with their full attention.

Having magic-ed Yoda out of his suitcase as soon as he arrived and set him on the table beside him he had all eyes on him and the children were all ears.

I have a budding artist and Star Wars fan amongst my young clients who was especially interested in all Nick Maley was saying especially when he asked us to try to be creative at least once a day.

I try to do this myself but do not always manage it.  More important to me is that I encourage the children and adult clients to be creative and to provide them with as many opportunities as possible to do so.

Art at the Congress

The WCCE9 ended, as it also did in 2013 in Munich, with the presentation of prizes for the 5th International Drawing and Painting Competition. The children were so proud as they collected their prizes in front of us all and in front of the screen that showed all the entries.

I hope that for the next conference that I manage to organize our activities to include creating paintings with the children to enter in the next competition. I missed it this year.


5th International Drawing and Painting Competition 2016 –

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