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Saturday 16 May 2015

Dancing the night away

'The bird dance'

Saturday brunch viewing to make you smile –

I know several girls and boys (and adults too) who would love to do this!

I remember when about twenty-five years ago a lovely lady, who was my classroom assistant, jived with her wheelchair-user husband at our school's Christmas do I was as mesmerised watching them as I was watching this video.

Movement and movement

We have at last begun our music group with a proper musician who is teaching us all sorts of amazing things, and now I have ideas for the future to find a dance teacher who can add something extra to the group. 

I wonder whether it will develop into something like the Music and Movement for Schools that boomed out from the huge wireless hanging from the ceiling when I was at junior school!

We fancy doing a bit of tap dancing but I expect that the same will happen as with the music, once we get started we shall soon develop our own individual style.

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