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Sunday 19 April 2015

Thank you for twenty years of Conductive Education in Nürnberg, Germany

"Three Nürnberg conductors on this front row"
(far right, fifth from right and 11th from right)

This year we are celebrating twenty years of conductive services in Boxdorf, Nürnberg.

Conductive Education has been around in Nürnberg for longer than twenty years because I and at least one other conductor arrived in the region in 1993 immediately after graduating, but the Verein für Menschen mit Körperbehinderungen e.V started the centre in Boxdorf two years later, in 1995.

By this time I had already visited one of the Verein’s pre-school groups and had discussed how I could help them with some of the children attending, therefore I was also present in Boxdorf on the day that Őrfalvy Kati and Kalay Judit came to Nürnberg for the very first children’s assessments and meetings with them and their parents.

It seems quite fitting that this timely video has appeared on You Tube featuring Őrvalvy Kati –

Kati has remained on hand to help us, right from the start. She visited us regularly and she was so busy because we saved up all our questions for her. Our children enjoyed her visits too and loved to show off to her everything that they had learnt and to listen to her stories about her early life at the Pető Institute when András Pető was in charge.

Kati has always attended our German conferences and there is always a crowd of conductors waiting to speak to her. Her advice, help and guidance is much appreciated by many people. I for one still write and ask her to share her wise words!

Thank you Kati for all that you do for us!

Örfalvy Kati 4th from right, Mária Hári third from right, 2 Nürnberg conductors on back row, one in the second row and a few more who are in Germany in the middle.

This is a photograph taken at my graduation at the Pető Institute, Budapest in 1993. Kati and I are both visible, and also at least four other conductors who graduated alongside me who have also ended up in Germany. There were more than the four of us on this photograph who came to Germany, but after twenty years I find it hard to recognize myself let alone the others!


Another interesting film to watch later –

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