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Sunday 8 March 2015

Touch-free smart-phone and tablet use

Early spring 2015
I yesterday wrote about the opportunities that I had to read when my mobile phone was in for repair and I also wrote about how I also missed the early morning read of the blogs that I follow.

Today I discovered the link below and I realised how lucky I am to be able to use a smart phone at all.  Not only lucky that I received help from my niece and my nephew to learn what to do with when it was new (I had purposely bought the same model that they both had at the time) and not only lucky to have colleagues who back up that learned knowledge and rescue me when something goes wrong, I am lucky that I can physically use it – there are many people who cannot.

I love watching our most severely disabled children invent their own techniques to use their smart phones and tap out words on their computers. Luckily most of them work out how to use them independently with help from our fine-motor tasks and games. But there are still many people, especially paraplegics, who just cannot manage to use a phone or a tablet alone.

A man in Israel was asked by a disabled man whether he could remedy this. This led to the invention of a touch-free controlled phone that is controlled by using head movements –

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