Monday, 16 March 2015

Biking on two or more wheels

Nürnberg, 2014

Once again I am indebted to one of my favourite blogs,  Deans’ Stroke Musings, for this link to a Mountain trike for wheelchair users –

As I was pumping up the tyres on my lonely mountain bike this evening, with my new stand pump, I remembered that several days ago I had saved the link to share here on my blog.

There are links to several more means of transport for wheelchair users on Deans’ stroke Musings –

Thank you once again for all the info on this site. I read it first thing in the morning, and it is always well worth the long read.


oc2dean said...

Thanks Susie, someday someone in a position of authority/influence will condescend to talk to me.

Susie Mallett said...


I do so hope that someday someone talks to you about all this information that you have on your blog. It is amazing and such a help to me in my work, and i am sure to many others too. I would never know about many of the things that I read there, I just have not got the time to search the net for them.

My phone was out of action recently, for a week, and I really missed my early morning dose of knowledge from your blog.

Please keep it coming.

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