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Sunday 15 February 2015

Homes for home-libraries

Emmi's son George signing books for Raphi and Kati

More about books

I often wonder what will happen to my books when I die. I often think about giving them away now while I am alive, but I love being able to get up and look up a poem, I love being able to get up and find out what Mária Hári said or what AP wrote, and I love to put my hand out and take any one of Oliver Sacks’s books from the shelf. I like having my books around me, I like delving in.

After the posting that I wrote when I was reading Chekhov my friend Emmi sent me the following about finding a new home her friend Susan’s home-library –

Our Holocaust-survivor friend Susan died in Szeged in her 99th year during the first week of January this year. She had a good library. My sister Magdi had the sad task of emptying her flat, and thought there would be plenty of interest in her books from book-sellers. This was a big disappointment – she nearly had to pay the bookseller to be allowed to leave a pile of GOOD books at his place!

Miraculously at these time, one of her younger Budapest friends, (married, learning English, 3 children) asked my sister’s advice of how to build up a home-library (they had none) since one of her daughters loved to read. Here was the solution to the book problem in Szeged.

This young Budapest friend and her husband drove down to Szeged in a small truck with my sister and became happy owners of an excellent collection of world literature (good hard-backed volumes, the type that I love to read). They also assisted with shifting some of the smaller pieces of furniture and all the paintings from the walls in Susan’s flat which was a big help for my sister.

There are still some readers amongst us then!

Thank you Emma, I do so hope my home-library problem will be solved as well as this when I no longer need it.

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