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Saturday 23 March 2013

More on fit and active adults

Stroke group member on a Didicar!

Follow -up

There are some lovely photographs on facebook of the work that we did with the InBestForm group on Thursday –

I do so hope that after Easter we can get on with a longer course of sessions. The joy of this work can really be seen in the photographs on the faces of all who took part, including mine. After seeing them again and discussing the possibilities of how we can develop this work in the group my colleague and I are full of new enthusiasm.

There is much interest from the clients. Now, as always in the conductive world there is some organizing to do. The usual hurdles are there, the financing of course, but also something that is just as important but also connected.

It is always so important to get the timing of the development of conductive services so that conductors are not spread to thinly, so that all client receive the care and attention that they need. It is important to be able to offer the appropriate amount of hours and sessions in a week and the appropriate type of sessions – group or individual.

We have grown again in Nürnberg, there are a few more conductors around so I hope that this means that my colleague and I can be available now and then from some other activities and concentrate some energy to this new, ground-breaking project.

I am now wondering whether because this work is so new, I should submit just one more abstract to the World Congress Conductive Education in order to introduce our 'fit and active' conductive sessions to the rest of the world.

see more details about this at – 


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