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Wednesday 16 January 2013

What does it take to overcome Neurological Orthodoxy?

This is Miss Maize the hamster, not a rat!

The world of a neuroskeptic!

Almost every day I read the latest offerings from the blog dean’s stroke musings and each day I am surprised at the volume of relevant information for conductors that is unearthed there. Every now and then Dean scatters some of his own post-stroke experiences amongst it and occasionally there are links that he suggests readers ask their therapists and doctors about that are a little bit tongue-in-cheek!

I suspect that this is one of those tongue in cheek instances – “Drunk Rats Could Overturn Neurological Orthodoxy – Ask your neurologist how this knowledge will help your recovery.”

Check out the original source of the article as there is quite a lot of interesting stuff to read there too –


oc1dean said...

Come on Susie, asking your neurologist about drunk rats was not tongue in cheek, it was to prove to the neurologist that they were not keeping up with current science. I expect my doctor to know more than me which may be why I haven't seen one in 3 years. Dean

Andrew said...

I suppose that I have two fundamental objections about the 'orthodoxy' revealed here, or maybe these are simply two sides of the same coin:

(1) increasing or lessening brain volume is no tool for those dealing with people, who have would heal the soul (psyche)
(2) a bridging experiment as suggested here, to see what might 'translate to humans', lies within the realms of possibility ( (and I do know that this is a spoof suggestion, and I do have a sense of humour).

By 'the same coin':I refer to mechanistic /biologism, a dominant currency now in so many sectors. Side (2) of this coin is an obvious logical extension of side (1) and, differently stated, might even be fundable as a research project!

By the way,you might be interested in the following blog posting from Prof Trish Greehaigh: