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Tuesday 15 January 2013

“The Fallibility of Memory”

"Blue Dog" by Susie Mallett

Dr Sacks again

It is always nice to get interesting emails when I return from my eleven-hour work-day each Tuesday.

Today I had my monthly “News from Dr Oliver Sacks, M.D.” email that alerted me to his forthcoming article, called 'The Fallibility of Memory', coming out in the Golden Anniversary edition of the New York Review of Books on 7 February 2013.

Dr Sacks has published a number of articles in the New York Review of Books, including The Lost Mariner, The Poet of Chemistry and The Revolution of the Deaf. Some others that were later expanded to become books have also been published there.

I shall have to find out where I can order a copy of the magazine, though as this is an excellent publication I am sure that this article, or paid access to it, will be on line.


Andrew Sutton said...

Nice to get advanced notice.

Yes, the article will surely be published on line on 7 February. As a major piece, it will likely need paying for, but this is not likely to amound to more than a few US dollars.

If you can possibly obtain a hard copy of the NYRB, then it is worth doing so, if just to hold it in your hands and wander through to find what else is there to grab your interest. I suspect, though, that this pleasure might cost you rather more than just a handful of dollars.


NormanP said...

Hi Susie. Try this?
"Buy a single copy or a subscription to New York Review Of Books Magazine from the worlds largest online newsagent"

Susie Mallett said...

Wow! thank you Norman. It is nice to have friends helping me to find things while I am still at work!

I will get busy immediately putting in an order.