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Sunday 20 June 2010

They are still talking about it

"Shoes on sale"
England, May 2010

What we wear on our feet

I have just discovered that over a year later people are still coming back to something that I wrote on the Conductive Community Forum, and on my blog, about what we wear on our feet!

I am still interested in what we conductors wear on our feet, and why,we choose what we wear. So if there is still anyone out there with something to say on the subject please do so, either here or on the Conductive Community Forum.

I am still sticking to my trusty lace-ups that give me a firm footing and also keep my feet warm. I am about to have some new inner-soles made by our shoe maker and I am hoping that these will make my shoes even more comfortable.

I have noticed that my colleague has made some changes recently in her work-footwear. She works in the integrated Kindergarten most of the time and I think that she has realised that she has different footwear needs for different activities. There are now three different pairs of work-shoes lined up in the changing room. One for summertime-outdoors, one for tougher work indoors and one for more for gentle work indoors like the singing, reading and playing at the table that happens during and after the midday rest period.

She is very consequent and changes her shoes regularly, she is hoping this will do her feet and legs good. Like the rest of us she is standing up and walking around all day long and feels the symptoms of this at the end of the day.

I think I may take a tip out of her book and invest in a second pair, lace ups again of course.

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Laszlo said...

Hi Susie,
I like wearing trainers during working hours as a conductor. Why? Because most of my day spent very active just like I was an athletic sportler and moving around in the space. Therfore, I gave a little sport scientific taste to it, I went on a little research on what was the best for my body. Turned out that runner trainers were suggested to be the best to wear. I have been using such kind of trainers (Assics Gel Nimbus) for more than ten years now. I am quite happy with the result eventhough I pretty often have to take them off as we not stepping with shoes on the mats, rugs, etc.