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Tuesday 8 June 2010

Five hundred and five

"A green man", by Susie Mallett,1993

I have just realised that I missed the five-hundredth birthday blog, so here is the five-hundred-and-fifth birthday blog, a Green Man one!

I painted the above Green Man many moons ago, nearly twenty years perhaps. The friend I gave it too then, has just emailed this photo to me, having seen my Green Man posting last month. When I first saw this painting anew I had no recollection of having painted it bu,t through studying it for a while, memories return. I now remember exactly where I was sitting as I created it. I think that it was in 1993, in July, in my newly converted Atelier in Germany.

Thank you, friend, for being so thoughtful and realising that I did not take photos then as I do nowadays. It is lovely to meet up with this picture again.

Now to get on to the next five-hundred postings!

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