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Thursday 24 November 2016

Take a look at this


It is something that I found on Dean’s Stroke Musings that I think could be useful to some of my clients and maybe other people further afield. 

Dean’s Stroke Musings are my early morning read, either in bed while I wait for the third snooze alarm to ring or on the tram. It is a mine of very informative and useful snippets from personal experiences and from medical and scientific research.

This is why I left a marker by it this morning to remind me to post it here –

When I still needed a cane to get around, umbrellas were pretty much impossible to use. Only if there was no wind I could sometimes balance it on my head for short periods of time. Raincoats were not much better, getting them zipped in time almost never occurred. Then closing the umbrella was really a two handed event. In order to get the ribs into the handle I had to try maybe a dozen times with one hand. The cover sleeve was never put on again, too tight and I never was able to snap the fabric down with one hand. I solved most of these problems by buying a reverse umbrella. The rim of the umbrella folds up, no need to get ribs into a specific location, cover is much bigger and easier to put on.

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