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Saturday 10 May 2014

Wishing for a Doctor Who police box!

A snap-dragon on my balcony
Rowland Emett

Sometimes I am almost tempted to nip home to England for the weekend just to see an exhibition, meet a friend or to attend a family party. It is not often possible, I have only done it twice, once for a Golden Wedding party and once to attend a family wedding. 

It would be impossible at the moment however tempting it is as I have only just got back to work having spent the last three weeks in England with my Dad, and of course with my family and friends.

I am a bit sad that I will not see what I think will turn out to be a brilliant exhibition of the wierd and wonderful creations of Rowland Emett. These are crazy objects that I have spent most of my life admiring, at least since I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but I think I remember them from earlier days, from pictures in books and jigsaw puzzle images.

Perhaps someone out there in Birmingham will enjoy this once in a lifetime exhibition for me and have time to send me a postcard!

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