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Wednesday 25 September 2013

In Germany Oktober begins in September

September in our garden, Norwich 2013

Making headlines

When I asked my English family and friends about coverage of the German elections in the media back home they said – ‘She even made the headlines here’. The she that they were referring to is Angela Merkel.

That statement says more than at first is realised – stories about German politics do hit the English headlines now and again, especially more recently with the various bailouts and differences of opinion, but it is still rare for the Brits to read much about German life in the daily news. 

Even at the local supermarket they know that it is Oktoberfest time of year!

In the autumn all changes

When I am asked by Germans what it is that most English people know about Germany I often remark that it is the sausages and the beer that are important and almost everyone will say that they know about the Oktoberfest and Lederhosen. Barely a thought is given to how Made in Germany accounts for many cars on the streets, tools in workboxes, food in stores, and machines used in medical practice.

This selection of photographs that was in the online version of the Independent on Monday is a great example of what the British think they know about the Germans –

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