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Saturday 17 August 2013

Me and my dog-for-the-day

Guido and me out for a walk
Dachel Parade

Recently I enjoyed a day dog-sitting for Guido, the dachshund. 

He spent the day at my flat and after an hour or so sulking about not being able to go out for the day with his family he settled in with just me for company. I enjoyed not being alone and  I think he did too. I also enjoyed having  to go out for walks during the day even though we did get drenched in a summer downpour.

In Nürnberg that same weekend the city had been celebrating its twin cities and on Sunday it was the turn of Kraków, Poland. 

The celebrations took place in the Tucherschloß where there was dancing and feasting and at 3 o’clock the judging of 130 dachshund dogs from the region took place. With Guido’s family home again we were out in force to show him off at number 111!   

The Dachshund Parade began in the market square and foollowing a man in a traditional horse costume wound its way up the hill to the Tucherschloß


This is the first time that Nürnberg has re-enacted the parade that has been an annual event in Krachów for many years now.   

You can read about its origins here –  


I had not previously known that there are so many different types of dachshund, I like the Guido-type best of all!

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