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Sunday 21 April 2013

Bits-in-between for conductors

Easter Bunnies for Aimee and Oli

They were loved immediately and christened Pinky and Bluey!

A fortieth birthday present, he is called Woofie
It was a shame that they had to leave, I miss them!
Sis and I made some teddies for a charity that sends them to doctors, who work in war-torn countries, to give to their young patients to cuddle.

Crafty times

It is nice to forget work, forget writing books and blogs, forget painting and housework, and just lose myself in being arty crafty for a while. 
That is just what I did in March while preparing crocheted bunnies for Easter and again after Easter, when I spent a few days with my sister who needed just a little bit of help with some knitting - we had fun and we hope the children who receive the Teddies do too!



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